Siwei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Our Story

Stemirna Therapeutics was founded by a group of Chinese researchers and scholars in the Zhangjiang Drug Valley of Shanghai in 2016. We are dedicated to developing the best mRNA drug platforms and pipeline.

May 2016

Stemirna was founded in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

July 2017

Stemirna was granted global exclusive rights of the LPP delivery platform.

September 2017

Stemirna received an angel investment of nearly 20 million RMB.

May 2018

Stemirna completed the construction of its GMP-level mRNA production facilities and started pipeline development.

September 2018

We completed the validation of our IVT mRNA platform and the conversion of LPP formulation from benchside to bedside.

November 2018

We completed dosing of our first patient in an investigator-initiated trial.

April 2019

We completed our Series A funding round by raising nearly 100 million RMB.
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