mRNA Synthesis Platform
In vitro transcription is a new technology that uses DNA templates to synthesize mRNA in vitro. Stemirna is one of the first companies in China to establish a full IVT mRNA platform. After continuous optimization of the platform, Stemirna is now able to synthesize mRNA of various lengths and functions, and has established a complete quality control system.
mRNA Sequence Optimization Platform
Sremirna established an artificial intelligence algorithm platform for mRNA to optimize the coding region and non-coding region of mRNA sequence, which greatly improved the protein expression level and expression duration of mRNA.
mRNA/SamRNA/CircRNA Technology Platform
Stemirna has developed mRNAs of different lengths, structures and functions and applied them to research in the fields of anti-tumor, infectious disease prevention, rare disease treatment, gene editing, etc. By studying the application of different functional mRNAs in different therapeutic scenarios to exploit the maximum potential of mRNA applications.
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