Based on Stemirna's technology platform, the company has developed multiple therapeutic applications (tumor immunology, infectious diseases, etc.) and more than 20 product pipelines.
Highly differentiated pipeline aggregation in the field of infectious diseases and tumors
Treatment Areas Products In Research Preclinical Phase Ⅰ Clinical Phase II Clinical Phase III Clinical
infectious disease(precautionary)
COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine (Delta/Omicron B.A.2)
IND Submitted
Rabies vaccine
IND Enabling
Zoster vaccine
IND Enabling
Flu vaccine
IND Enabling
RSV vaccine
IND Enabling
Monkeypox vaccine
Malaria vaccine
Tumor immunity(therapeutic)
Personalized cancer vaccine (LPP-PCV)
Clinical Phase I
IL-12 intratumoral injection

HPV vaccine

KRAS vaccine
Tumor-Associated Antigens
metabolic disease/rare disease(therapeutic)
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