Asia's largest commercial production base
The company has set up an mRNA vaccine production base of nearly 50,000 square meters in Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong New Area and Dongfang Meigu Industrial Park in Fengxian District, Shanghai, taking the lead in the large-scale production process of mRNA vaccines, and using the stock solution production and preparation production technology with independent intellectual property rights, breaking through the bottleneck of mRNA vaccine industrialization. It has a production capacity of 400 million doses a year and is equipped with world-leading mRNA production equipment. Stemirna is currently one of the largest and world-class mRNA vaccine manufacturing facilities in Asia.
Advanced mRNA vaccine production technology
Breaking through the bottleneck of the industrialization of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, it has realized the large-scale production of mRNA vaccine from plasmid, drug substance manufacturing, product development to sub packaging, with good and stable quality, no preservatives, no antibiotics, high effectiveness and high protection rate.
The world-leading CMC manufacturing capacity and high capacity
From plasmid construction and template preparation, to in vitro transcription and synthesis of mRNA, preparation packaging and filling, we have a complete process flow and analysis quality control platform, and have carried out in-depth development for key process parameters and key product characteristics.
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