LPP (lipopolyplex) nano-delivery platform is a core-shell structure with polymer-mixed mRNA as the core and lipids as the shell. Compared with traditional LNP platforms, the core-shell structured LPP particle is better at protecting mRNA, and is able to release mRNA gradually as the polymers are degraded.
LPP: Viral Simulation Delivery Platform
Autonomous IP LPP
Advantages of LPP Delivery System
Patent Advantage
The only domestic patent for delivery systems authorized in Europe and the United States
Effectiveness Advantage
LPP has superior in vitro and ex vivo expression and cellular targeting compared to LNP
Safety Advantage
Enables precise delivery with higher safety. Phase II clinical trials have been completed overseas, confirming the safety of LPP
Production Advantage
Compared to LNP, LPP with core-shell structure has better tolerance to production process and lyophilization process
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