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Approved Laos Emergency Use Authorization (EUA);

Stemirna received the clinical approval for phase I of the Chinese iteration vaccine on April 29th

Rapid Growth Period

Clinical approval was granted on January 4;

Phase I clinical trial was officially launched on March 25; 

Clinical approval for the variant of COVID-19 vaccine will be granted soon;

Rapid Growth Period

Emergency Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology "mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine" ;

State Council Vaccine Task Force Lead Unit;

Complete the IND application of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

Stable Growth Period
National Key Special Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology: Design and Construction of Fully Synthetic mRNA Therapeutic Vaccines for Malignant Tumors and Translational Research
Stable Growth Period

Built the first mRNA GMP workshop in China;

the first mRNA tumor vaccine patient dosing (Beijing Cancer Hospital, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, etc.)

Initial Period
Stemirna has exclusive global rights to the LPP nano-delivery system for the development of MERS, influenza, and tuberculosis mRNA vaccines.
Initial Period
Dr. Hangwen Li returns to China to found Asia's first company focused on mRNA drug research and development
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