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  Stemirna Therapeutics founded in Shanghai in 2016, is the world-leading platform innovative pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development and production of innovative mRNA vaccines and the delivery technology of nano-liposome parcel. It is also the only company in China that has the knowledge of mRNA design, synthesis and modification technology, liposome parcel technology and large-scale production technology. And the realization of the production of relevant equipment independent design and research and development of innovative vaccine research and development enterprises. Among them, the self-developed novel coronavirus mRNA vaccine has been authorized for emergency use (EUA) in Laos, and the personalized tumor vaccine has started phase I clinical trials in Australia.

Since its establishment, the company has a world-class management, research and development and expert team, and have worked in the world famous biomedical companies, has rich industry experience, outstanding academic and scientific research achievements. Based on its own technology platform, Stemirna has simultaneously carried out the application of multiple therapeutic fields (tumor immunology, infectious diseases, etc.) and the development of more than 20 product pipelines.

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