Company Patents
A strong global intellectual property and patent portfolio represented by LPP

Stemirna attaches great importance to the patent layout in the field of mRNA, with dozens of patents and patent applications, many overseas and PCT international applications, covering the whole mRNA technology industry chain, Including antigen design, artificial intelligence optimization of nucleotide sequence, nucleoside modification, 5 'UTR and 3' UTR sequence optimization, LPP targeting preparations, novel lipid compounds, production equipment and production methods, detection methods, indications, etc. At the same time, the patent layout covers multiple product pipelines of infection and tumor treatment, such as COVID-19 vaccine, influenza vaccine, rabies vaccine, PCV vaccine, intratumoral injection, HPV vaccine, KRAS vaccine, RSV vaccine, shingles vaccine, TB vaccine, EBV vaccine, etc.

LPP Delivery system family as the company core patent has been applied and protected in many countries and regions around the world, forming multiple competitive advantages. At present, it has been authorized by the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, China, and has been registered and effective in many European countries. It is expected to continue to obtain authorization from other countries or regions in the next few years.

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